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(Free) Newtonian Follower for Lightwave

What is it?

Newtonian Follower allows you to link one object to another via Newtonian physics, (that stuff you forgot about from high school.)  Basically, it's like a yo-yo, or a spring, or planetary motion...

Newtonian Follower is an item animation plugin for Lightwave.  It's accessed from the motion panel.
The interface looks like this.
In addition to a "follow" object, you can set control objects for stiffness, gravity, and on/off.

The on/off control is provided so you can temporarily turn the plugin off to save processor cycles, as the plugin is calculation intensive when you are working with a lot of frames.
Newtonian Follower is now Free
Used with a null object as the "object to follow."
See Newtonian Follower used to create dynamics in a bone chain.
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