Natural media painting, video, animation, 3D, visual effects

Cinematic visual FX in a familiar painting environment

Breakthrough real-time howling performance

Multi-layer CLAHE

Media browsing improvements in Howler 2020
Polar Designer

Rotoscoping for VFX
Brush shape panel improvements
The Brush Timeline
Howler 2023 for VFX
First look at Howler 2023
Exposure Sheet project
Poisson Blending and Feature Removal
Feature Removal project
New noise tools in Howler 2023

Howler 2023.5 is here!  Get it now!

What's new
Render 3D geometry into a brush
Realistic new impasto brushes
New painters color wheel
Gamut masking
New color temperature filter
New brush rotation parameter
New color reticles on improved color picker
Post correction curves for lines, rectangles, ellipses, curves
New 1-3 point perspective guides
Dark mode support in Windows 11
New undo browser
New sky rendering filter with volume clouds
Continuous paint fill mode
Select you preferred
accelerator card
New noise tool and open simplex noise
New frame blending tool
New Mandelbrot and Julia set exploration features
Auto keyframes in timeline
GUI improvements.  New combo box control
Updated Europa filter, Lorenz attractors, and lots more.

New rewritten warp mesh
Rewritten floating color picker
New halo-free tone mapping
Centrepital and chordal parameters for curves
New paper layers
Streamlined Media Browser
Browse all brush sets at the same time
Analytical Upscale super-resolution
Non-local-means filter and CLAHE
Feather the selection
Substantial performance improvements
Export H264 and WMV video formats.
Auto-magic blemish / feature removal
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